This page gives you a guide to typical treatment prices at our practice but they may vary according to individual patient’s needs.

For new patients, it is our practice policy to give a written statement of the costs of treatment after an initial examination. If there is any charge during treatment we would advise you and agree with you how to proceed.

Private Fees Guide

Examination, Scale & Polish 15 minutes£68.00N/C
Examination, Scale & Polish 30 minutes£104.50N/C
X-Rays – small (each)£15.50N/C
HygienistFrom £47.00N/C
Treatment of periodontal diseaseAs per quotation
 Amalgam From £84.00 N/C
 Composite front teeth From £94.00 N/C
 Composite back teeth From £102.00 N/C
 Root Canal Therapy 
 Anterior From £290.00 N/C
 Premolar From £310.00 N/C
 Molar From £450.00 N/C
 Simple Extraction £98.00 N/C
 Surgical Extraction £160.00 N/C
Crown & Bridgework 
Porcelain bonded, precious metal crownFrom £520.00 Laboratory fee
Full gold crownFrom £620.00 Laboratory fee
Ceramic crownFrom £520.00 Laboratory fee
BridgeworkAs per quotation
Full upper & lower From £1440.00 Laboratory fee
Full upper or lower From £820.00 Laboratory fee
 Acrylic partials As per quotation Laboratory fee
 Chrome cobalt partials As per quotation Laboratory fee
Other Items
Emergency call-out fee £95.00 £20.00
Sports mouth guard From £105.00 From £100.00
Tooth Whitening
 – Opalescence £280.00 £269.00
 – Enlighten £500.00 £500.00
 Failed appointment (15 minutes) £50.00 £50.00